Personal health care

Our new technology allows the camera in the mirror to measure the blood flow of the face and display the person’s heart rate, blood circulation rate (a form of bold pressure reading) and stress level. It will compare the heart rate of that day and the status of the individual’s health against data accumulated in the cloud on that person to date. At home you register your family's faces the first time you use it and then the health data is accumulated and analyzed each day after.

Smart Home

Control your in-house electric appliances by speaking to Concierge.
When you tell Concierge to turn off the lights, he/she replies “I’ll turn off the lights” and they’ll be turned off.
The home’s temperature and humidity can be automatically optimized according to the season. You can even open and close the curtains with a voice command.

Coordination with IoT appliances

Everyday, new IOT applications appear. You will have even more ease of use and control over them with our Mirror Concierge.

Beauty care

The uses are ever growing. Anywhere from seeing how you would look in different clothes or with a different shade of lip gloss.

Mental care & Aroma therapy

Our Concierge can lead you through meditation and even how to best use aroma therapy leading to stress reduction and peace of mind.

Personal training (Personal exercise)

A personal trainer can guide you step by step through a personalized exercise program complete with videos and background music.

Cooking concierge & Sommelier

You can have a concierge in your kitchen to help you cook your favorite foods and have a wine Sommelier advise you on which wine will match the dinner you are preparing.