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We dispatch a concierge to your mirror.

A Fusion of Interior Design, IT and AI

GLAS LUCE, which means “brilliant rays of light through glass” in Italian is a Hanamura original design that brings a Concierge to your mirror whether it be in your home or your office. The Mirror Concierge image feels as if it is floating in the mirror in front of you as it speaks with you.
GLUS LUCE transforms your ‘wall’ into a living interior and your ‘mirror’ into a communication tool.

New functions added to GLAS LUCE


A face and Voice interface


AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI speaker compatible


Cloud function
Cloud and various information service


Health care
Personal health care
Daily medical check up


Home automation services and Voice control


Face recognition
Ability to remember those programmed into the system


Male-female youthful elderly various emotions


Multi language
Japanese, English, Chinese and over 15 optional languages

These services are made possible via IoT, Hanamura original server and a STB(mini-PC)


When you look at the mirror from afar you will see an environmental image and or advertisement in it but when you approach it a camera hidden behind the mirror senses you and a life-sized concierge appears in the mirror and begins speaking to you. 
The mirror concierge will explain an overview of the facilities with photos, images, maps and videos and then ask how they can help you. They will display option buttons for you to choose from.
When you select a button representing the type of help you need the mirror concierge will explain it to you.
The mirror concierge will then disappear when the explanation is completed. (A product of Glas Luce)
Mirror Concierge can be personalized letting you choose your favorite face, clothes, voice, and language. It becomes your own original mirror concierge.
All of this is streamed to the mirror via a STB (Mini PC) from our Glas Luce original server.
Experience the future, today.


Mirror Concierge can help you create your own original 3D face concierge with a simple photo that you provide (in the photo the face must be facing forward). It can be a child’s face or an elderly person’s face or anyone in between, even an animated character’s face, allowing you to express any particular need you might have. You can even change the clothes they’re wearing. Their faces will have natural movements that include blinking of the eyes and movements of facial muscles during speech. The mouth has a lip sync function that changes shape according to what is being said.


Mirror Concierge uses a speech synthesis engine that gives you voices with a realistic sense of clarity as close to a human voice as is possible. You can easily convert text to speech with our speech synthesis engine. Mirror Concierge comes standard with 2 male voice choices and two female voice choices in Japanese and one each in English and Chinese. A total of 8 voice choices.
1: Humanlike voice production
2: Four expressions of emotion - including empathy, joy, sadness and anger
3: Adjustable speed, size and height.
4: Natural conversion of text to speech
5: Foreign languages (English + Chinese) with 15 optional languages

STB ( Android Mini PC ) + IoT

Mirror Concierge’s video contents are delivered to the STB connected to the mirror from a Glas Luce original server. Once the information is delivered to the STB it will operate locally. A recognition feature in connection with the internal camera detects when someone approaches the mirror and switches to the mirror concierge screen.
You can easily update the mirror concierge and description content at any time from the internet.