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General information

Facilities - Store information - Product description - Multilingual

At the concierge counter in a commercial facility you can have Mirror Concierge give facility guidance, shop information, and product descriptions, in multiple languages. Information is accurately conveyed with photos, images, maps and videos. You can easily have Mirror Concierge change any of the information via the internet. If you hold a smartphone over the bar code displayed on the screen you can get the information you want.
You can easily change the concierge’s face and clothes according to the season. This will add value while improving your facility’s image.


 At a hotel counter Mirror Concierge can answer customer requests, including check-in, check-out, in-house information, tourist information, restaurant reservations, transportation needs, and even hospital arrangements.


Mirror Concierge can respond face to face with residents, supporting a comfortable condominium life style like guests at a hotel. After registering the faces of residents, information on who lives in a particular apartment will be displayed on a PC at the call center and double checked by use of a camera. The concierge can call the resident by name as they greet them, giving residents a feeling of being at home.


 At the office counter of a company, Mirror Concierge can confirm appointments, contact the person in charge, contact the person the visitor wants to see, guide the visitor to a meeting room, and provide a directory. This presents a new and innovative image of the company to its visiting clients.


You can receive instructions on how to use home gym machines installed in your home from a personal trainer along with help on how to exercise and train. The personal trainer can make sure you have the right exercise routine for any given day while advising you on your movements with use of a camera. They will talk to you like they’re in the room with you.



When you arrive home  Master Concierge will greet you, run a quick status report of the home and advise you of the day’s events while you were out.

LIVING [Glas Luce & Mirror Concierge can be movable]

Proposals; various information by Master concierge, medical information by Healthcare concierge and relaxation by Mental care concierge.

LIVING [Glas Luce & Mirror Concierge can be built in]

Proposals; various information by Master concierge, medical information by Healthcare concierge and relaxation by Mental care concierge.

KITCHEN [Glas Luce & Mirror Concierge can be built in]

Cooking Concierge and Sommelier can propose foods and beverages to help you keep a well-balanced dietary life.


Healthcare Concierge will help you stay knowledgeable about your health condition. 

BEDROOM [Dresser]

Beauty Concierge can give you advise about skin care and beauty tips.

BEDROOM [Glas Luce & Mirror Concierge can be built in]

Bedroom Concierge can help you get up in the morning and go to bed at night in the way you prefer.


You can speak to Study Concierge and ask for information to help you with your study and work at home.